Migraine headaches are considered to be the most debilitating headaches, and if it strikes during an important occasion such as a festival, it can be a total dampener. Therefore, migraineurs always need to be cautious of their triggers especially during festivals so that they can peacefully enjoy the occasion.

Following are 5 important tips that will help you overcome a festival associated migraine headache –

Avoid Firecrackers –

Firecrackers are known to enkindle a migraine headache due to its noise or smell. If a firecracker is your trigger for migraine, try to avoid it completely. Wear ear plugs while stepping out and cover your mouth to avoid breathing in the fumes.

Keep lights to the minimum –

Festival season sees a spurt in lighting arrangements and sometimes these flickering lights may give you that dreaded headache1. Try and keep the lighting to the minimum in your house and avoid looking at any bright and flickering lighting source directly.

Watch what you eat –

We all await festivals because it is the time we devour those festive delights. However, a migraineur needs to have a control over what to eat. Artificial colouring, artificial sweetener and sugary sweets, chocolates2 etc can lead to a migraine headache. Keep a tab on what you are eating and maintain a migraine journal. This will help you understand which type of sweet or snack gives you the headache so that you can avoid it completely in the future.

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Relax, Relax and Relax –

Festivals can put your daily routine into a tizzy as you spend extra hours preparing sweets or cleaning up. Meeting loved ones and travelling a lot can also take a toll on your health. Hence, try to stay calm and relax as much as possible as stress can set off your migraine.

Eat on time and stay hydrated –

Running errands during festivals can disrupt your diet routine and you may end up skipping a nutritious meal altogether. Even eating snacks/sweets at odd hours can fill you up with empty calories and this may lead to a migraine headache3. Try and eat at your regular times and keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration is a known cause for migraine3.

Festival is a time to enjoy with family and loved ones and a migraine headache should not interfere in your quality time. Follow these tips to stay healthy during festivals and consult your doctor regularly.

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