Migraine Myth Buster

There are many myths about migraine. Know the facts.
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Know Your Migraine Triggers

A migraine attack is usually set off by a trigger, which is unique for each sufferer. Find out yours.
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Locate Your Doctor

Find migraine specialists near you with the help of our doctor locator.
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“Me Without MigraineTM is an attempt of Janssen India to bring a change by creating awareness about migraine and its treatments among the general public. The campaign aims to inculcate among the migraine sufferers to stand up against migraine and take charge of their life by seeking expert medical advice and making smart lifestyle changes.

Migraine Treatment

Know about medicines to treat and prevent migraine.
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Share Your Migraine Story

Spread the word. Let other sufferers know about your experience living with Migraine. Read more

Migraine Diary

A simple tool to capture details about your migraine attacks. Keep a track and share it with your doctor. Read More